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A wedding is such a special and intimate celebration; a sweetly constructed dream brought to life. It is something you will capture carefully in pictures, talk and laugh about with your friends and family, reminisce about with your children and look back on through the years. We, at Hyacinth Events, are here to give you the perfect wedding. An experience that will remain etched in the minds of everyone who attends it. With a team passionately dedicated to translating your wishes into reality, we will use our creativity and experience to craft you a wedding as unique as can be. So breathe, relax. You’ve found us, we’re meant to be, your job is done; we’ll take it from here. All you have to do is soak in every brilliant moment. Let us handle the rest.



Come meet the people who will help create your special day!

Saurabh Malhotra

Co-founder, Head of Ground Operations & Execution Saurabh is our resident problem solver and organiser. He’s worked in film production and knows how to get the ball rolling. At your wedding, he will be the person who co-ordinates, organises and makes sure that things run smoothly.

Tina Tharwani

Co-founder, Head of Business Development & Client Servicing Tina is the driving force at every wedding and the person who works with the bride and groom most closely. She is the person who makes sure that your vision translates into reality.

Manoj Mittra

Instrumental in setting up the company, Manoj oversees the running of it. He’s our senior partner and someone we can all bank on.

Shreya Chopra

Head of Hospitality A multi-tasker with an unmatched memory, she will remember the names of each guest and how they’re related to you. There’s no family tree that she can’t climb and always greets you with a smile.

Richa Shende

Client Servicing Affable, patient and quick, she handles the family’s requirements and makes sure there’s no cause for complain. She’s happy to answer your questions and solve any issue that may arise.

Sharmila Shah

Client Servicing Focused and precise, Sharmila runs things well and thinks on her feet. There’s no situation she can’t smooth over and is wonderful at helping couples pick venues and destinations for each occasion.


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